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Sunday, September 3, 2017


A summary:
1. The trust rating tripled since 2015. Meaning, more Filipinos now trust their government. The highest rating belongs (but of course) to the Office of the President at 82 percent. The least trusted is the legislative branch (hello, congressmen and Senators.) 
2. 93 percent of Pinoys now trust PHILHEALTH, SSS, and DEPED.
3. More Pinoys trust the business sector now. (Shempre, this also means a higher confidence in our country by businesses.)
4. 49 percent of Filipinos have social media. Those who have access social media believe social media more than traditional media. The general public (including those who don't have social media) still believes in traditional media.
5. This year, Filipinos trust that our government can end corruption, take care of us during times of natural disasters, and making sure we are safe and secure (in terms of terrorism.) Ang sarap ng pakiramdam na inaalagan ka ng gobyerno mo.
So, congratulations to the PH government for getting the trust of the 82 percent.

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