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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Si Patricia Bautista na ba SUSI sa pagpapatalsik ni LENI

‘Drug Courier?’ Netizens claims that Kian Loyd is not a victim of EJK, but a drug runner

The controversial death of the 17 year old senior high school student Kian Loyd Delos Santos sparked outrage and criticized the government for allegedly killing an innocent civilian during the war against illegal drugs.
But several netizens were still not affected by the mass support of the public to Kian Loyd and they believe that people must wait for the final investigation first to know the real story behind the bloody Caloocan anti-drug raid.
In the middle of the debate on Facebook, netizen Edel Tidoy claimed that he’s from Caloocan City near Sta. Quiteria, the place where Kian Loyd Delos Santos lives.
According to him, a drug user from their place claimed that Kian is a drug courier and even the tricycle drivers talked about the secret job of the 17 year old senior high school student.
He also questioned the CCTV footage showing the two police wearing civilian clothes carrying the man who is suspected as Kian Loyd.
Tidoy said that the man on the CCTV footage is wearing white t-shirt and pants while the dead body of Kian Loyd is wearing blue shirts and boxer shirts.
Pro-Duterte Facebook fan pages also noticed it after watching the CCTV footage and they said that it might be an evidence that can prove the version of the police that Kian Loyd was not the man carried by the authorities in the video.
Even fiscal Darwin Cañete who personally saw and inspected the body of Kian Loyd after the anti-illegal drug operation in Caloocan noticed it.
But some netizen who defended Kian Loyd explained why the attire of the man in the video is different in what the CCTV footage taken.
They said that the shadow made the boxer short worn by the boy in the video looks like a pants, but in the end of the video, it clearly shows that the man who was carried by the authorities is wearing boxer shorts.
Even a pro-duterte page admin who had a clear copy of the CCTV footage said that it clearly showed that the man carried by the authorities was wearing boxer shorts and not pants.
Another netizen, even claimed that he got some information from the neighbor of Kian Loyd, saying that the boy brought the authorities in the place where he buried the sachet of shabu and his gun.
Other netizens also shared their different stories about Kian Loyd who they claimed as a known drug runner in Caloocan.
Suspended Caloocan Chief of Police Senior Superintendent Chito Bersaluna, that they received an information that Kian Loyd was a drug courier in their place.
“Sa follow-up operation natin, nakahuli din tayo. At dito po natin napatunayan, si alyas Nono, nagturo na ito pong suspek nating si Kian ang siyang tagadala sa kanya ng mga order niya na dalawang bulto, o more or less 10 grams,” Bersaluna said.
“Si Kian po, siya po ang runner ni Alyas Neneng, na kanilang kapamilya,” he added.
They also saw some transactions between Kian Loyd and Neneng in the phone of Alyas Nono.
The death of the Delos Santos created different stories, all of these would be considered as speculations until the senate investigation on the death of Kian Loyd on August 22 began.
A group of concerned citizen were also set to rally in EDSA on August 21 to demand justice for Kian Loyd delos Santos.

Managot ang dapat managot, ganun lang naman ka-simple yan, e.

By Van Ybiernas

Managot ang dapat managot, ganun lang naman ka-simple yan, e.

Na-EJK ba yung bata? Pwede...

E di kung na-EJK, managot yung mga pulis. Seriously, hindi nila dapat ginagawa yan e.

Wait... paano'ng okay lang na bumubulagta ang mga adik sa kalsada pero hindi okay ang EJK?

E siyempre kailangan manaig ang batas.

Yung mga tumitimbuwang sa kalsada, pinagsususpetsahan na pulis ang tumira pero walang pruweba. Kung may pruweba, e di ang batas ay batas.

Uulitin ko, kung basta tumimbuwang lang, at wala naman pruweba na pulis ang tumira ---at napatunayan namang adik at/o pusher yung napatay--- e di good lang para sa akin.

Pero kung klaro na may dapat panagutan ang may dapat panagutan, aba'y ang batas ay batas.

Paano naman kung runner yung bata? E di runner siya! Pero, di pa rin dapat tinumba kung hindi naman talaga nanlaban.

Simple lang yan para sa akin. Hindi naguguluhan ang isip ko. Malinaw ang dividing line para sa akin.

Okay! Halimbawa nga totoong tinumba ng pulis na walang kalaban-laban yung bata, may pruweba na ba ng EJK? Sa kasong ito, oo.

E di talon na dun sa mga numerong binabato tungkol sa dami ng EJK? Generalize na agad!

Hindi pa rin! Hanap muna sila ng pruweba para sa bawat isang kaso doon. Hindi pwedeng magamit na pruweba ang nangyari dito para sa iba pang kaso.
Ulit, malinaw sa akin ang dividing lines.

Pruweba, pruweba, pruweba. Diyan nabubuhay ang mga historyador.

Ewan ko na lang sa iba...

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Huwag padada sa emotions

By Ezra Acayan

Lahat ng mga nagsasabi na President Duterte is to be blamed please keep your minds open. Huwag papadala sa emotions. The government is not just about Duterte. Tandaan po natin na tayong mga Pilipino sobrang bilis masilaw sa pera. Pati kaluluwa natin ibenenta for the right price.

Huwag masyadong mabilis mag turo ng daliri. Bago pa naging Pangulo si Pres Duterte ang PNP maraming maduming pulis na sangkot sa ilegal na droga. Isang dapat nating unawain ay desperado na ang mga Dilaw at gagawin lahat para pabagsakin si Pres D.

Imagine po ninyo ilang bilyong piso ang nawala sa illegal drug business na sangkot yang mga Dilaw? Siyempre pushed against the wall na sila so they will do anything and everything to make Duterte look bad di po ba?

I condemn this brutal and inhuman act done by those who swore to protect the law but I also hope we don't forget to see the bigger picture and the deeper motives. Huwag po kayong manatiling bulag. Isang malaking diversion po ito at naging biktima isang teenager na nasayang lang ang buhay.

With my sincerest condolences to the family.


When the anti-Dutertes realized that it was not enough to rally a destabilization campaign, a netizen laments that they have resorted to using children as a means to inspire public ire for an otherwise well-support President Rodrigo Duterte.

Nationwide clamor has been raised on the death of 17-year-old Kian Lloyd delos Santos who was killed during a drug raid operation in Caloocan City. Netizen Edwin Jamora posted an article written by Reynz that said Yellows used this controversy to taint Duterte’s name.

Reynz even cited how other countries have used children in their historical civil unrests to “win world sympathy”. The Vietnam War used children as spies and messengers. Africa uses children in their civil wars. Even protests in the Philippines sometimes use children as front-liners.

With only a minority of anti-Dutertes in the country, Reynz said that they were desperate to find a way to turn the public against Duterte. Delos Santos’ death became integral in their scheme and soon enough they were making noise on mainstream and social media.

Reynz asserts that if genuine protection was desired for these children, it is by seeking concrete means. Lawmakers must put in place laws against illegal drugs, which Reynz claims to be difficult with some government officials being linked to drugs in the first place.

In his full post on Facebook, Reynz said,

"Using children as weapons against President Duterte
by REYNZ on AUGUST 18, 2017

My article today is a reaction to the reaction of what I’ve been reading on Twitter.

The Yellows are desperate to bring President Duterte down. We know that. They’ve tried all sorts of things. They tried destabilization campaign. They’ve used local and international media to paint the President as a mad man. Fake news, twisted and slanted editorials. They’ve used the international instrumentalities like the United Nations, the Human Rights Commission, the ICC, the European Union, every shit in the world! Now, they have introduced a new strategy. Children.

Children’s as weapons of war are nothing new. It’s an age-old strategy. During the Vietnam war, kids were used as spies, messengers, lookouts. Political rallies in Manila have children on the front lines. Do you know why? Because cops are afraid to touch them. Drug addicts cornered by cops use them as human shields. In Africa countries like Sierra Leone, Angola, Uganda, and Congo openly recruit and use children. Palestinians use kids in their war with Israel. Why? Because they are desperate to win world sympathy by any means to the point of using innocents as human shields — the more casualties, the better.

Which brings me to the Anti-Dutertes.

Remember, there are only about 5% of them who disapprove of Duterte. Wasn’t that the latest poll ratings? How much noise can the 5% influence ba? Not much. Therefore, the anti-Duterte has to be creative. So when this boy was killed in Caloocan during a drug raid, what a perfect opportunity for the Yellows! They have now dragged this kid and used him as their weapon against President Duterte and painting the President as a kid-killer on the war on drugs!

Look. These people can have as many placards and FB updates telling the world that Duterte has now killed 30 of them. THAT’S NOT PROTECTING CHILDREN! You protect children from drugs by telling adults to stop their shit on drugs! You protect children by smacking (mabait pa ako nyan!) the shit out of your legislators to act quickly on drugs and not allow them to proliferate! But how do you protect children from drugs when you have government officials mismo as drug lords and drug money beneficiaries?! Mga ipokrito!!! What a convenient way to use kids for political ends! That’s what you call reprehensibly Boko Haram!

(Buti nga hindi ko kayo tinawag na mga Boko Harams of the Philippines!)

Tigilan ako!




By Bruce Villafuerte Rivera

The death of the minor in the drug raid is regrettable. And perhaps the police would have some explaining to do. But why are minors included in drug raids. This is because the Juvenile Justice Law insulating minors from criminal prosection has become the convenient runners of shabu dealers.

I am not saying that the minor killed is guilty, he may have been caught in the ceasefire but the drug lords have lose their sense of humanity by using minors in the trade. And yes, the police also has to consider that fact. Many of those who armed in poor communities are minor gang members who aside from engaging in petty crime and prostitution are also drug pusher and runners. Criminal gangs recruit as young as 12 years old to be part of the group. And to a boy who grew up without a family, that is something to aspire and fight for.

I am as outraged as anyone on the news of the death of a minor. But I think we should not blame the one who tried to stop the proliferation of drugs when we should be blaming the people who made minors easy pawns on the war on drugs.

Filipinos shrieking #JusticeForKian are turning Kian Loyd Delos Santos into a sad political agenda

The tragedy that befell 17-year-old Kian Loyd Delos Santos allegedly in the hands of Philippine police officers is truly an outrage. No kid deserves to die that way. And so it is, like in any society that aspires to be a truly just and modern one, imperative that justice be sought for the wrongful death of Delos Santos.
The important question therefore is this: How exactly will this justice be effected in this instance? Via the criminal justice system? What’s the alternative? A street rally again? Unfortunately, within hours of his death breaking news, Delos Santos has become the most recent of a string of victims turned into political artefacts by a desperate and rudderless Opposition.
Indeed, Delos Santos is but the latest such artefact cast in the mold of the original artefact that started a long tradition of necropolitics in the Philippines, none other than Benigno ‘Ninoy’ Aquino Jr. Yet the murder of Aquino himself back in 1983remains unsolved. So one just has to ask: How can justice for Delos Santos be delivered when Ninoy’s own son, a former Philippine president himself, could not see to it that his own father’s murder is solved while he was in power?
For that matter, Filipinos don’t really need to go too far beyond their own day-to-day existence to reflect on the inherent hypocrisy in some of the outrage fads their “activists” launch into. How, for example, can a people issue calls for “justice” whenever the latest outrage circus is in town when easy-to-solve everyday injustices cannot even be rectified? Manila’s horrendous traffic, for example has unjustly sentenced millions of Filipinos to prison time within their own cars befitting murderers. But is there justice in the way buses and jeepneys routinely clog half the width of Manila’s roads loading and unloading passengers illegally with impunity?
Therein the answer to those questions lies the answer to why nothing changes where it matters. Because many things Filipinos consider unimportant actually matter a lot. It starts with small things. The easy solutions cannot even be implemented. The smallest injustices cannot even be resolved. How then could Filipinos hope to solve the truly big problems?
It is, indeed, the height of hypocrisy for a people who can’t follow even simple traffic rules to call for “justice for Delos Santos”.
Those street kids you drive by everyday? How come nobody is outraged about them? And yet here we are screaming #JusticeForKian.
And take that manhole on the street that has remained uncovered for weeks. Someone could be seriously injured or even be killed by such banal hazards that are easily corrected. Filipinos’ low regard for public safety attests to a disturbingly low regard for human life. Yet they now scream #JusticeForKian like human life suddenly turned to gold.
The fact is, the scale of banal injustice in the Philippines that fails to launch outrage fads dwarfs those alleged “extrajudicial killings” idiots shriek about today. There is, to cite another example, “senator” Antonio Trillanes who, over the 2000s led and was involved in several armed rebellions. Here is a man who endangered thousands of Filipino lives. He was elected a Senator nonetheless. #JusticeForKian? Seriously?
You can’t take seriously a people who can’t even solve small everyday acts of impunity when they cry #JusticeForKian. There are many Filipinos — unsung victims of injustice — who don’t get the same sort of Outrage Fad treatment #JusticeForKian gets because of political agendas. You want #JusticeForKian? Don’t turn him into just another political artefact. Learn that real justice can only be achieved on the back of consistency.

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benign0 is the Webmaster of GetRealPhilippines.com.


Members of Congress represent what is wrong with Philippine society

Judy Taguiwalo
The public servant Filipinos don’t deserve

Most Filipinos are accustomed to receiving bad news. It’s like a part of life to live with sad endings and also tragedies. Perhaps it has something to do with the Catholic mantra “if someone slaps you on one cheek, offer the other cheek also” or perhaps some people are simply not the master of their own fate. But, whatever the case, Filipinos in the Philippines seem to be living in a perpetual nightmare. This is evident in the horrendous traffic Filipinos have to endure every day. This is also evident in the way Filipinos tolerate the abuse they get from their public servants since the country was granted “independence” by their colonial masters.
Take the case of Judy Taguiwalo. She was handpicked by President Rodrigo Duterte to head the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD). Over more than a year of holding that role, she did not receive complaints even from the harshest critics of the current administration. As a matter of fact, Taguiwalo was very much lauded and well-praised by people from all camps. They said she doesn’t just do her job, she does it well too, which is a rarity for a public servant in the Philippines. Despite that, members of the Commission on Appointments, comprised of members of Congress, rejected her appointment.
A lot of Filipinos were baffled as to why their representatives in Congress are not in tune with their sentiments about Taguiwalo. The people want her in DSWD so why did they reject her? There was no valid reason not to confirm her in the post. Her rainbow haired predecessor was so incompetent and was infamous for callously burying relief goods underground because she failed to distribute them before the expiry date, but was confirmed to her post without a hitch.
Tuguiwalo’s rejection as Secretary of DSWD was disappointing to a lot of people. The worse part was, the members of the Commission on Appointments did not feel obliged to explain their decision. They deliberated behind closed doors and those who said “no” to her remained unnamed. That has to be one of the ruthless things members of Congress had done to the people they supposedly represent. There is no way for the public to know who among the politicians are playing politics. How can the voters tell which one among their representatives betrayed them? How can they avoid voting the wrong candidates in the next election?
There’s talk that members of Congress rejected Judy as DSWD Secretary because they want to use her department’s dole outs in the form of Conditional Cash Transfers (as traditionally done) to buy votes – a scam she didn’t want to be a part of.  It seems members of Congress from both the lower and upper house want a piece of the action from the DSWD to fund their next election campaign. Some say that some congressmen prefer that the DSWD course its projects through them instead of delivering these directly to recipients. They must miss their pork barrel funds that much.
Tuguiwalo’s rejection is proof that Duterte can only do so much to effect real change in the Philippines. It seems lawmakers themselves don’t want change. The CA’s rejection of Duterte’s cabinet appointees is also proof that the Philippines is not the dictatorship some of his critics insist it is. The system, although broken, still works for members of Congress.  It works for their own interests especially. As a friend pointed out, “everyone else is still the same corrupt, incompetent, treasonous scumbag waiting to enrich him or herself at the expense of the Filipino people who, by and large, are too hungry to care.”

Filipinos have come to see Philippine Congress as a den of crooks.
I did not realise the DSWD is very important to lawmakers. Neither did a lot of people. These “lawmakers” are supposed to be busy crafting laws, not dipping their fingers in DSWD affairs. But as another astute observer pointed out, the DSWD is the source of election war kitty because of the cash and goods coming out of the department. The “Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) is the biggest vote buying programme”.
What happened to Taguiwalo proved a lot of things about Philippine society. While she touched a lot of people with her sincerity and dedication to her work, I also think that being considered a rarity in government is a tragedy and a reflection of how dysfunctional the society has become.  There are only a handful of public servants who can be trusted to do their jobs and sadly, they do not last very long in a corrupt system.
This situation cannot be blamed on the uneducated or members of the lower and middle class in Philippine society alone. A lot of members of the elite promote mediocrity and patronage politics. Their allies in media help build the image and profile of friends who are unfit to lead. This is to entice the gullible members of society. We can see that a lot of these elites support the Aquinos who they see as “saints”. The Aquino family and their allies have influenced politics in the Philippines for more than three decades. Three decades of bad management has been exposed today now that the current administrator does want to sweep problems under the rug.
Will the voters remember what the lawmakers did in the coming election? Will these politicians get punished in the polls and booted out? The irony here is that it is the people who keep electing the corrupt public servants again and again. They may be “pork barrel-obsessed lawmakers” but they were elected by the Filipino people nonetheless and get away with it. In other words, the people are in on the scam without realising it. Unless the people realise their fate is in their hands and that they have power to boot the scumbags out of government, things will not change for the better. That is the real tragedy.

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Leni Robredo should worry more about victims of drug addicts and drug lords

Current Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo is reportedly lamenting the lack of public outcry versus drug killings. She said that she is worried about the culture of impunity and violence that is going on. First of all, what she’s saying is not true. There are so many social media activists who are condemning the seeming rise in “extra-judicial killings” in the past month. Second, the culture of impunity and violence has been around even before President Rodrigo Duterte was sworn into office. In fact, some of us have long been lamenting the lack of public outcry versus the death and violence in the country as a result of the drug epidemic gripping the nation.

Leni Robredo's silence about human rights abuses during the term of BS Aquino highlights her continued focus on partisan interests.
Leni Robredo’s silence about human rights abuses during the term of BS Aquino highlights her continued focus on partisan interests.
Robredo had either been living under a rock or turning a blind eye to criminality that had risen in the last decade especially during former President BS Aquino’s term. BS Aquino was a model for impunity and abuse of power as evident in the way he protected his friends and allies when they were alleged to have been violating the law and remiss in their duties as public servants.
Assassins on motorbikes have been around for years. Unfortunately, now that Duterte is in office, people like Robredo connect their activities with what seems to be an across-the-board response to the President’s call to fight drug pushers and peddlers.
In other words, it is not clear to the public now if some of the killings are being done by killers hired by drug lords who could be cleaning up their ranks or by actual vigilantes or even by elements of the police. Only a thorough investigation by the proper authorities can tell us who killed who and why.  A recent tally indicates that out of the 440 cases of drug suspects getting killed so far, 41 percent or 181 were perpetrated by unidentified suspects, while 59 percent or 259 of the cases were during legitimate police operations.
It would be difficult to conclude if there are indeed, vigilantes operating in Manila. The killers do not leave a signature mark. I guess only vigilantes in movies like Batman would. While most victims died from gunshot wounds, there have been a few victims who were found wrapped in duct tape, which some are suggesting were executed in a pattern similar to the signature style of drug cartels from countries such as Mexico. Again, victims found wrapped in duct tape have been reported in previous years as well, which is proof that this phenomenon did not just happen during Duterte’s term. This also supports Duterte’s claim that drug cartels are already operating deep inside Philippine society which, it seems, is close to becoming a narco-state.
I suppose investigators can prove if unidentified suspects behind the deaths are vigilantes or not by checking the bullets lodged in the victim and trace what type of gun was used. They should be able to tell if the guns used were registered or not by making inquiries from gun shops or ammunition suppliers. Or maybe not. Perhaps the proliferation of illegal guns in the country would make it difficult for the police to trace the weapons used by the killers. This highlights the fact that guns are easy to get in the Philippines. No wonder there are so many gun deaths in the country. People like Robedro should also lament the ready availability of guns to anyone who wants them and address that problem as well.
Robredo should get some perspective. Only a proper court can tell her if the killings were extra-judicial or not. If she is going to cite “human rights” and “due process”, she should apply it to everyone consistently. The members of the Philippine National Police (PNP) are also entitled to due process. All police operations should be properly documented and report on how and why the suspects were killed during the operation. I am not saying I trust every cop who says “the suspect was shooting at me and resisting arrest”, but since neither Robredo nor I were around during the shootout, who are we to say if the account of the police was false?
Besides, Robredo should not forget that the human rights record during Aquino’s term was just as appalling. In 2014, the Manila Times even reported that the “US Congress imposed a limit on military aid to the Philippines due to the country’s failure to stop extrajudicial killings and send violators to jail.” The report continues…
In its 2013 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, the US State Department said extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances undertaken by security forces are the most significant human rights problems in the Philippines.
Impunity persists because the government lacks “sufficient mechanisms to investigate and punish abuse and corruption in the Philippine National Police (PNP) and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP),” the report said.
While cases of human rights violations perpetrated by government troops have been investigated, very few ended in convictions because majority of these cases were dismissed, it said.
Limited prosecutions
“The government continued to investigate and prosecute only a limited number of reported human rights abuses, and concerns about impunity persisted,” it added.
“From January to October, the Office of the Ombudsman, an independent agency responsible for investigating and prosecuting charges of public abuse and impropriety, received 306 cases involving military and law enforcement officers accused of committing human rights abuses.
One wonders why Robredo did not lament the lack of outcry against human rights abuses during BS Aquino’s term or in previous years. She’s very vocal now just because she does not agree with and is not part of Duterte’s war against drugs.
There is no denying that Duterte’s policy has yielded some results. So far, there have been 565,806 drug dealers who have surrendered to police. Likewise, two mayors from Lanao del Sur who are alleged to be involved in illegal drugs, have surrendered to police. They are considered “big fish” — something former Department of Justice Secretary — now Senator — Leila de Lima suggested he go after. Even with that, Duterte’s critics are still unimpressed. They say only poor suspects get killed. But the mayors surrendered. There was no shootout. There was no need for the police to kill them.
It could be that people like Robredo and including de Lima are unhappy with the way Duterte is addressing drug epidemic because they are in denial that there is a drug epidemic in the first place. If that is the case, they will not be impressed by any measure at all.
[Photo courtesy Interaksyon.]

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The Better Way To Go

 (The Philippine Star) 

It is good that Duterte has decided to appoint 25 members instead of an election or a constituent assembly. Both would block the reforms he was elected for.
He must open the doors far and wide to match the support that came from different classes and professions. It was the crowd that wanted change and they came in droves reaching a climax in his May 7 miting de avance.
In a meeting with STAR, candidate Mar Roxas made fun of constitution making as nothing but as a piece of paper. He obviously does not understand what a Constitution is for but so do many who think a Constitution is for ‘experts.’
It may be so with the final draft but not with the draft-making which must have the contributions from the crowd. We already know what the crowd seeks in principle – change in the political structure and ultimately Filipino society.
Indeed as the Duterte government unfolds it is becoming more and more like a battle between politicians vs. the people. One rumor I heard is that when the President wanted former Chief Justice Reynato Puno to head the commission it was immediately shot down by the PDP-Laban political party. Please let us be clear about this. It is not the PDP Laban which made Duterte President but Duterte who picked up the PDP-Laban from obscurity by using the party.
Puno is both an expert and his heart is with the masses. In many talks with him he suggested that the creation of jobs and the well-being of the masses must be in the bill of rights.
Duterte has signed Executive Order 10, creating a committee to review the 1987 Constitution by 25 different experts which is still to be completed. We need more than a review.
I would suggest something similar to what Iceland did when it changed its Constitution – it referred to the crowd. It must invite inputs from a wide set of both experts and non-experts that would change Filipino society into its transition from presidential unitary to parliamentary federal. This phase should not be left to Congress with its vested interests.
The creation of jobs and better lives for the masses must be aligned with the switch to federalism and the lifting of the constitutional 60-40 rule on foreign ownership of local businesses.
The Iceland experiment offers a workable model for a large level of civic participation. The model will have weaknesses but if we retain the current framework we will have a draft constitution that does not meet the expectations of the masses. The Icelandic model with a reform process that relied almost exclusively on civil society during the drafting phase can, in fact, be done.
Social media allows lawmakers the opportunity to crowd-source content from the citizenry in a way that was not possible ten years ago. The Icelandic model also shows how an appeal to civil society can strengthen the democratic legitimacy of a Constitution.
Lastly, the Iceland experiment shows that the impetus for constitutional change can, and usually does, come directly from the people. “Called the “Kitchenware Revolution” it channeled citizens’ frustration and anger into change, jumpstarting a constitutional reform process that had been stuck in political deadlock for over 60 years. That job has already been done by the Duterte crowds in the Philippines.
We voted for Duterte for his platform of change and he won by the millions. He captured the masses because of their desire for change. We may differ with each other on other issues or how we will do it but we must agree on change. We must be single-minded about it.
I remember in an advocacy meeting with farmers one of them came forward to say “Gawin na ninyo ang dapat gawin. Hindi nagpapalit ang aming buhay kung ito ang ating sistema. Umaasa kami sa inyong mas marunong.” Simple.
The change we want is how to include the masses or marginal sectors in government. I don’t want to use the term class struggle but it is.
This is the classic result of the abuse of power and wealth by one class. That is why we need a new system of government that will change the relations between government and the people and elite with the masses.
We also need to tap competent people as it was done in Singapore. As Lee Kuan Yew said, if he could say in one word why Singapore succeeded, he said “meritocracy.” Competent officials will not thrive in a presidential unitary system of government which is all about graft, money and an organization fueled by money. Worse as we have now found out with the De Lima case, money also comes from drugs. Unless stopped it will be the drug lords who will decide elections with government officials beholden to drug lords.
The election of Duterte is only the start. We must be reminded it is only the beginning of a long fight ahead.
We must all help to achieve what we set out to do in voting for Duterte. He has said many times that he needs all our help.
“Of all the most important systemic and fundamental constitutional reforms that must be implemented in order to improve the Philippines, federalism is the reform that has the most solid support among most ordinary Filipinos. Particularly in the Visayas-Mindanao and even in the Solid North, Bicol, and Muslim Mindanao regions, federalism is widely appreciated and understood even by ordinary plebeians and proletarians to be of utmost urgency in order to fix the Philippines.
It is not true that “federalism will empower warlords and political dynasties,” says the Correct Movement.
Former Philippine Speaker Jose de Venecia cited this as a problem of the world with only 80 of world’s richest men owning 60 percent of world’s wealth. The former Philippine speaker was an active supporter of the shift to parliamentary federal government in the Philippines.
He believes that we can draw the best elements of capitalism and socialism. “In the Philippines, the income and social gap is so great that like Disraeli’s Britain in the 1840s, the rich and the poor among us have become virtually ‘two nations’”.
In 2011, the richest Philippine families accounted for 76 percent of our country’s gross national income. The two richest families alone together held six percent of our entire economy.”


Trillanes, Robredo, Delima at bias na media nagpanic! Katotohanan sa EJK isiniwalat ni Atty Acosta

Ang kahulugan ng "bayani"

By Van Ybiernas

Malinaw naman ang kahulugan ng "bayani" ayon sa mga pananaliksik ng Pantayong Pananaw scholars. Hindi dahil hindi aware ang ilan dito ay wala na ito.

Long story short, ang bayani ay manggagawa ng bayan, kumikilos para sa ikabubuti ng bayan. Ang bayan mismo ang humihirang sa bayani.

Siyempre pa, hindi lahat ng bayani ay pantay-pantay, may mga Jose Rizal at Andres Bonifacio na mga bigating bayani, at may mga minor na bayani dahil sa kanilang munting kontribusyon sa bayan sa isang mahalagang panahon sa kasaysayan.

Samakatuwid, importante ang konteksto. Paki-sabi kay Joseph! Hahaha. Konteksto ng panahon. Konteksto ng outcomes sa isang partikular na panahon.
Halimbawa, malinaw ang konteksto ni Ninoy Aquino. Kasama siya sa mga lumaban sa diktadurang Marcos ---come on, diktador si Marcos by definition. Pinaliwanag ko na ito sa Dulowtard History Live.

Now, may konteksto din si Marcos. At pinaliwanag ko na rin ito. Sa simula, tanggap ng bayan ang Martial Law, so hindi pa kalaban ng bayan si Marcos. Subalit ---to shortcut the discussion--- naghirap ang bayan noong 1980s so tinalikuran nila si Marcos. Naging kalaban siya ng bayan.

At ang mga kagaya ni Ninoy Aquino na lumaban kay Marcos ay naging bayani. Marami sila, op kors. Isa si Ninoy sa maraming minor heroes ng panahong ito. Kaya nga tutol ako sa Ninoy Aquino Day! Kasi, ini-inflate ng mga Dilawan ang papel ni Ninoy sa kasaysayan. Pero, hindi pwede baluktutin ang kasaysayan. Ang nangyari ay nangyari.

Last point, kung walang EDSA, hindi magiging bayani si Ninoy at lahat ng lumaban kay Marcos.

Kaso nangyari ang EDSA. Nagsalita ang bayan. Kailangan makinig ang mga historyador.

So, iyan ang paliwanag, Joseph! Hahaha


Friday, August 18, 2017


By Jose Alejandrino

Judy Taguiwalo has been rejected by the CA. Before her, Gina Lopez and Perfecto Yasay. All three good nominees of President Duterte.
Yasay was rejected presumably he once was American. it didn't matter that Yasay had a perfectly valid explanation regarding the circumstances. Gina was rejected because she went up against the powerful mining interests. Now Judy. For what reason? She refused to kowtow to the politicians who wanted a piece of action of the DSWD budget. She was rejected for defending the interests of the nation and its people against pork barrel. Politicians never gave a damn about the masses.
Netizens are understandably up in arms. Many are calling for the grant of extraordinary powers to the president. Others are clamoring for the abolition of Congress. We are much closer to a revolution than politicians think. It only needs one more trigger and the explosion will happen. The established order scoff at this possibility. So did the French and Russian aristocrats. In the end, they were guillotined like the French or forced to go into exile like the Russians. The French and Russian royal families were quickly executed. I remember being in school in England in the mid-1950s and taking London taxi cabs driven by former Russian aristocrats who at one time had lorded it over Russian peasants. There was a just God.
82 percent of the people trust President Duterte according to the last opinion survey. The armed forces and the police support him. Ask the retired officers what they think. The vast number would answer give Duterte the powers he needs, clean up the mess, call for a new Constitution.
Netizens are asking why doesn't the president do it? My guess is he is waiting for the right moment before he responds to what the people want.
I kept telling the Opposition not to tax the president's patience. Cooperate with him, I had said. Otherwise, face the consequences. It didn't listen. Look at what is left of the once mighty LP. If elections were held today, I'm willing to wager neither Robredo nor De Lima nor Drilon nor Pangilinan nor Hontiveros nor Trillanes nor Alejano nor Lagman would be elected to even a position of dog catcher. That is why the remaining LP are thinking of jumping ship that keeps sinking.
Where the politicians no matter of party stripe do agree is they must control the process of constitutional reform. Why? To preserve their interests. When it comes to their own interests, politicians are ready to go to bed together, no matter if it is incestuous. So we have Drilon wanting to control the process through his committee on constitutional reform in the Senate. So we have Pimentel warning the president not to appoint an independent commission of experts as Duterte had wanted to do in appointing 24 members but instead follow the process in the Cory Constitution. This is not surprising. They don't really want major changes, only cosmetic ones, to the present Constitution because it protects their vested interests and the oligarchy to whom they belong. The young Pimentel is believed to harbor presidential ambitions. The presidency which has simply become a game of musical chairs between oligarchs in the past promises to be the same.
The netizens are not stupid. They see what the game plan is. So obvious, isn't it? That is why they want to abolish Congress. And frankly, they have good reason to be suspicious. The people have been betrayed so many times in the past, robbed so many times in the past, raped so many times in the past, this time they won't tolerate it. If it needs a revolution to cleanse our body politic of its rot, so be it. Just one more trigger and the politicians will see what I mean.