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By Jose Alejandrino President Duterte has the right attitude. In a democracy, you listen to the voice of the majority. You ignore a ...

Friday, August 18, 2017


By Jose Alejandrino

Judy Taguiwalo has been rejected by the CA. Before her, Gina Lopez and Perfecto Yasay. All three good nominees of President Duterte.
Yasay was rejected presumably he once was American. it didn't matter that Yasay had a perfectly valid explanation regarding the circumstances. Gina was rejected because she went up against the powerful mining interests. Now Judy. For what reason? She refused to kowtow to the politicians who wanted a piece of action of the DSWD budget. She was rejected for defending the interests of the nation and its people against pork barrel. Politicians never gave a damn about the masses.
Netizens are understandably up in arms. Many are calling for the grant of extraordinary powers to the president. Others are clamoring for the abolition of Congress. We are much closer to a revolution than politicians think. It only needs one more trigger and the explosion will happen. The established order scoff at this possibility. So did the French and Russian aristocrats. In the end, they were guillotined like the French or forced to go into exile like the Russians. The French and Russian royal families were quickly executed. I remember being in school in England in the mid-1950s and taking London taxi cabs driven by former Russian aristocrats who at one time had lorded it over Russian peasants. There was a just God.
82 percent of the people trust President Duterte according to the last opinion survey. The armed forces and the police support him. Ask the retired officers what they think. The vast number would answer give Duterte the powers he needs, clean up the mess, call for a new Constitution.
Netizens are asking why doesn't the president do it? My guess is he is waiting for the right moment before he responds to what the people want.
I kept telling the Opposition not to tax the president's patience. Cooperate with him, I had said. Otherwise, face the consequences. It didn't listen. Look at what is left of the once mighty LP. If elections were held today, I'm willing to wager neither Robredo nor De Lima nor Drilon nor Pangilinan nor Hontiveros nor Trillanes nor Alejano nor Lagman would be elected to even a position of dog catcher. That is why the remaining LP are thinking of jumping ship that keeps sinking.
Where the politicians no matter of party stripe do agree is they must control the process of constitutional reform. Why? To preserve their interests. When it comes to their own interests, politicians are ready to go to bed together, no matter if it is incestuous. So we have Drilon wanting to control the process through his committee on constitutional reform in the Senate. So we have Pimentel warning the president not to appoint an independent commission of experts as Duterte had wanted to do in appointing 24 members but instead follow the process in the Cory Constitution. This is not surprising. They don't really want major changes, only cosmetic ones, to the present Constitution because it protects their vested interests and the oligarchy to whom they belong. The young Pimentel is believed to harbor presidential ambitions. The presidency which has simply become a game of musical chairs between oligarchs in the past promises to be the same.
The netizens are not stupid. They see what the game plan is. So obvious, isn't it? That is why they want to abolish Congress. And frankly, they have good reason to be suspicious. The people have been betrayed so many times in the past, robbed so many times in the past, raped so many times in the past, this time they won't tolerate it. If it needs a revolution to cleanse our body politic of its rot, so be it. Just one more trigger and the politicians will see what I mean.



GDP Growth in Duterte's 1st Year Highest Among Past 5 Presidents

The Philippines’ gross domestic product (GDP) posted an annual growth rate of 6.5 percent in the second quarter of 2017, up from 6.4 percent in the preceding quarter.

With that, average annual GDP growth under President Rodrigo Duterte’s first full year of power stood at 6.6 percent, the highest first-year average among the five most recent presidents.

The rise in GDP, a measure of economic output, is often touted as one of the key accomplishments of any presidential administration. Incumbent presidents and their economic managers often compare how the economy is doing during their term with that of previous presidents.

Averages for former Presidents Fidel Ramos and Joseph Estrada stood below one percent, while former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s first year as president did a little better with an average GDP growth rate of 2.9 percent.

While former President Benigno Aquino III’s first quarter of presidency had a higher GDP growth rate than President Duterte’s own, the lower growth rates in the three succeeding quarters left Aquino with an average of 5.3 percent.

Check out the infographic to see how annual GDP growth rate has done throughout the five most recent presidents’ terms.


Lorenzo Kyle Subido is a staff writer of Entrepreneur PH


Duterte has done very well

By Van Ybiernas

As a Duterte supporter, I don't think it's my role to defend EVERY SINGLE THING the president (and his administration) does. Dami kong time kung ganun! Hahahahaha.

What I just need to do is evaluate the big picture. So far, I think he's done very well.

It is the task of the critics to focus AND INFLATE the details. Hahahahaha. They inflate the details para may lakas ang kanilang tuligsa. Hahahaha.

If I were you, do not engage the critics in a debate over details. Para yan sa maraming time. Isa pa, selective sila ng mga isyu na ilalabas. Dadalhin nila dun sa sigurado sila ---sa tingin nila--- ay panalo sila. hahahaha. They don't want to talk big picture kasi talo sila doon. hahahaha

Human Rights Watch Utter Lack Credibility Endangers True Human Rights Vigilance

Human Rights Watch is now currently known in the Philippines as the go to organization when it comes to anti-Duterte propaganda.
This is chiefly because its Asia division researcher Carlos H. Conde is rabidly anti-Duterte, claiming to have investigated the human rights violations of Duterte and the Davao Death Squad.
But of what quality is Conde’s investigation? Shoddy at best.
In a recent “report” which was cited by GMA News TV and Rappler, Conde claims that the administration was doing very little in the area of protecting media workers from violence and threats.
However, this claim was not supported with actual interviews with the media workers who were victims of intimidation and violence.
I believe that Conde is being highly hypocritical with his concern for the media workers he cited in his report. I am betting that he didn’t even bother calling the victims and instead feasted on the details of their misfortune to make his quota of reports for the Human Rights Watch.
It may appear self-serving but being part of the Presidential Task Force on Media Security, I can attest to the fact that the task force is continually scanning for reports on violence perpetrated on media workers, immediately investigates these incidents, and even providing security whenever it is needed.
In fact, I’ll go as far as saying that the task force has responded to EACH AND EVERY SINGLE INCIDENT WHERE A MEDIA WORKER WAS THREATENED OR FELL VICTIM TO VIOLENCE.
We can substantiate this claim through cellphone bill records showing we talked with the victims, actual interviews with the victims or their family members, fuel bills or boarding passes as well as hotel receipts proving we traveled to meet with the victims, and other such proof of actual contact with media worker victims.
These actually form the basis for our bi-annual report to the President.
Moreover, the greater part of the task force’s job is to hasten the resolution of cases of media worker killings that were scarcely attended to by the Aquino administration.
I guess its just too much for Carlos Conde and Human Rights Watch to be fair and objective.
Senator Richard Gordon already cited Human Rights Watch as an “advocacy group that has to sustain its momentum so that resources can be provided to them.”
This is another way of saying that Human Rights Watch is the sort of organization that is under such immense pressure to justify its existence that people it will hire unscrupulous, unethical people like Conde to make up stories.

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Why CHR needs to come in when the police commits an abuse?

By Van Ybiernas

Somebody needs to explain to me why CHR needs to come in when the police commits an abuse.

Ano ba ang magagawa ng CHR bukod sa pahiyain ang pamahalaan?

Kasi, may naniniwala ba na kapag pinahiya mo, magbabago at "aayos" yung napahiya? Maski sa mga researches sa IR ---if memory serves--- hindi effective ang naming-and-shaming campaigns e.

Bakit hindi na lang dumulog sa Ombudsman? Or bakit hindi palakasin ang IAS ng PNP?

Sa totoo lang, ano ang accomplishments ---tangible accomplishments--- ng CHR?

Nasabi ko na ito dati e: lipas na ang panahon ng CHR. Sayang lang ng pera ang budget nila, na dapat sana ay ilipat na lang sa IAS o kaya ay ihiwalay sa PNP ang IAS.

Tanong: ilan na ang kinasuhan ng CHR sa Napolcom o sa Ombudsman? Kasi parang wala naman ako nababasa sa balita.

Seriously, aksaya ng pera ang CHR. Hindi nga yan ma-abolish na walang cha-cha pero dapat paliitin nang husto ang kanilang budget.